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Good evening my friends. I'm not sure how many of you know what has been happening over the past couple weeks; I'm not sure who has checked the message on my page that was posted August 9th, or if you checked any of my journals before I removed them all, but I'll fill you in on what has happened.

Over the past couple weeks, a few friends and I have been dealing with an art thief who stole my icon--purchased for me by a dear friend--as well as many other pieces of artwork from popular MLP artists. We asked her politely in the beginning to please take down our artwork because it did not belong to her, and even reported her many times to the dA staff in hopes that they'd remove the stolen artwork for her. She eventually took my artwork down herself, and the dA staff member assigned to help me simply told me to fill out a form if I wanted any help taking stolen artwork down. This infuriated me beyond words. I felt betrayed by this website, this place I called my art sanctuary for 5 years (8 years if you wish to count my other account before it was hacked). I did not, and still do not feel that my artwork and fanfictions are safe here any longer. Thankfully, after much insistence, the art thief finally deactivated her account. She informed me, however, that she intends to open a new account, so I can only hope she does not steal artwork again. As long as she doesn't steal artwork, I don't feel the need to bother her, I just hope she doesn't steal from the wrong person and gets herself dragged to court over it. When I told her to just draw stuff herself and not to steal, she said "Thanks for the concern but no thank you Go bye", so it appears that she will continue to steal artwork. Please keep an eye out for recolored/edited pictures, mostly of Danny Phantom and MLP, and she will likely create a username with 1950 in it, as it is her lucky number.

Some of you may think I was harsh on her for what she had done. Well, now I'm going to reveal to you all something I tried to forget, and dealing with this delinquent only made the bad experiences resurface. I will tell you the reason why I despise art thieves with every fiber of my being.

Nearly 10 years ago, I used to write DBZ fanfics all the time and post them on I was really good at it and had several fans, but I was by no means well known as one of the top writers of the time. One day, I got a message from someone claiming I had stolen a fanfic from a famous DBZ fanfic author. I had no idea what they were talking about, so I investigated. Sure enough, one of my fanfics was copied word for word and posted in their account (It's been so many years, I can't even remember what the thief's username was). I messaged them asking why they took my fanfic and to please remove it, they stated that they weren't going to remove it and no one would believe me over them that I was the original author, despite the fact that the post dates confirmed I posted it first. They had left a message on their account, claiming they knew me in real life and that I had copied their writings before they could post them, which was impossible because the person was from Texas and I've never even been to Texas. After a long battle, I finally gave up and stopped posting. Not long after that, the thief posted that they were discontinuing the fanfic because they were tired of me claiming that I was the writer, and that he didn't want to finish it. They stole my hard work and got away with it, and there was nothing I could do. I left for many years after that, and gave up on writing. After many years of pondering about whether I should start writing again, I finally decided to do so here on dA, because the memories of were still too painful at the time. I found that people were far more encouraging here than at, and gave better feedback other than 'Update plz'.

Now, my time on dA hasn't always been so well. Over the past recent years, I've noticed a distinct lack of dA staff stepping up to help the community members, rather than sit around getting all the glory and paychecks. It sickens me to know that the staff will literally do nothing to stop an art thief if reported by a third party, and that you're required to fill out a form and wait for a ticket to be reached in the queue for as long as over a week before even being acknowledged. I do not feel that I am safe sharing my artwork or writings here, as I know full well nothing will be done to stop it from being stolen. We're on our own; the staff is not listening.

I have been debating leaving this place, but I find myself on the fence about whether to stay or leave. I'm hurt deeply by the lack caring and irresponsibility displayed by the dA staff, yet I have met many good friends here, especially recently with new friends like Kaji-Tani and ZoraSteam, whom I've met and bonded with over these past events, and even friends I didn't know I had like ISeeTheLattice. I do not want to give up my friends, but I also do want to support a website that does nothing to protect its members from fraudulence, thievery, and plagiarism. There are many things left unsaid and unfinished, and despite everything that's happened, I don't want to walk away. I haven't decided yet on whether or not I'm leaving. If I stay, only a few things will come out of storage and every bit of artwork will now have a large watermark over it with a disclaimer in each description that it is not to be copied, recreated, edited, or otherwise reposted anywhere else. It will take time, so please be patient with me, and a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who had supported me all throughout the ordeal with the art thief.

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